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Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Review and Fan Vote - Ending Soon

Over the last almost 2 weeks the Extraordinary 10 Year Anniversary Review and Fan Vote has been running on LEGO Ideas to determine which one of the following four past 10K Club Product Ideas will be turned into an official set. You can read more about this special fan vote here. Importantly, the product idea with the most vote is guaranteed to be turned into an official set, meaning there's not going to be any further review as they've been pre-approved!

With almost 20,000 members having submitted their vote since the 20th of May, there's no doubt that all four of these beautiful designs have caught the attention of fans once again. 

However, with the voting closing the 4th June, 2019 (3PM CEST), there's not much time left if you want to make a difference! Therefore, make sure to cast your vote as well as share your favourite product idea with your friends and family if you really want to see your favourite stand a chance of getting turned into an official LEGO Ideas set.

Submit Your Vote Here


Small YELLOW by Nathan Sawaya


International Space Station by XCLD


Stitch by Legohaulic


Sega Classic Arcade Machines by SpacySmoke

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