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LEGO Ideas Second 2021 Review Results

Over the past 4 months, the LEGO Review Board evaluated 34 impressive product ideas that reached 10,000 supporters between early May and early September 2021. We've seen everything from a playable minigolf creation to fantasy castles. As always, there's something to match everyone's interests.

Congratulations to all our 10K members for reaching the all-important milestone and becoming eligible for review. It's always a pleasure (and a difficult task) to review such fantastic creations.

As it stands, we currently have 5 fan creations that are in development and will launch in the future. We're excited that we can add new LEGO Ideas creations to that list today!

Check out the announcement presented by LEGO Ideas Online Community Specialist Jacob McQuillan and  LEGO Model Designer Laura Perron.






LEGO Ideas Second 2021 Review Results

A-Frame Cabin

A huge congratulations to Andrea Lattanzio (aka Norton74) as his A-Frame recreation has been selected as the next LEGO Ideas sets. This cabin oozes charm and sets a cozy mood through its use of earthy colours and unique building techniques. Andrea’s unique building style, very much inspired by rural, vintage house that are often run-down, is really captured beautifully in this build! We're certain AFOLs and beyond will love it!

If you'd like to learn more about Andrea then make sure to check out his 10K Club Interview.


BTS' Dynamite

A huge congratulations to the team consisting of Josh Bretz (aka JBBrickFanatic) and Jacob (aka BangtanBricks) as their tribute to BTS and their hit song "Dynamite" has been selected to go into production. We’re absolutely excited to bring BTS, one of the most popular and influential bands to life in LEGO bricks through one of their biggest hits - “Dynamite”. The South Korean band has changed the landscape of pop music and transitioned into a global phenomenon with their fun, authentic music, top-notch performances and positive messages.

If you'd like to learn more about Jacob and Josh then make sure to check out their 10K Club Interview.


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Not Approved

Unfortunately, following a further review of Harry Finkel's (aka Hanwasyellowfirst) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs recreation, the review board has made the difficult decision that we will not be able to move forward with this product idea. We thank Harry for his dedication to this project and congratulate him for all his hard work that has gone into coming this far.






Design, pricing, and availability

We’re still working out the final product design, pricing and availability for this set. We'll share more on the LEGO Ideas blog when we get closer to launch. You can always stay updated on product launches and much more via the LEGO Ideas newsletter. Subscribe via your profile settings.


Next review results coming Summer 2022

The next batch of LEGO Ideas projects are already in review. 36 projects have earned their spot in the review by reaching 10,000 supporters between early September 2021 and early January 2022. We’ll share results of the Third 2021 LEGO review period in the summer of 2022. Check them all out here.


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