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Member account issues have been fixed

Dear LEGO Ideas members, 

We recently discovered an internal bug in our login system that caused numerous LEGO Ideas accounts and their content to be deleted. You can learn more about it here. This update is to inform that these accounts and their content have now been restored, although a few comments may have been lost in the process. 

Affected members with active LEGO Ideas Product Ideas, whose accounts had been deleted and now restored, have received 35 additional days for their projects to get to the milestones: 21 days since the initial deletion as well as an additional 14 days to make up for the lost time. 

Questions can be directed to us via the comments or via

Again we apologise for the confusion and the frustration this has caused members over the last few weeks up until the bug was discovered and fixed. 

Kind regards,

LEGO Ideas Team


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