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Activities Beta - Available to All

Today we're happy to launch Activities Beta to the wider LEGO Ideas community.

In early May, we introduced a new way to show off your creative energy via a feature called Activities (not sure what an Activity is then scroll down to learn more). At the time it was limited to a small test group of our most active members so that we could learn more about how you all would use it but we're happy to now roll it out to the full LEGO Ideas community.

Changes to Activities since May

Since introducing Activities in early may, we've gotten plenty of feedback and have been able to make a few key developments to it. Although we've made some changes since the Beta test, we've still got more in the pipeline and are continually interested in your feedback to make it an even better experience.

Some of the updates we've made so far are: 

  • Adding Activities and Activity responses into the Explore page and Global Search page, so that you can easily find all that awesome and inspiring content.
  • Adding the ability to find your Activity response in your Contributions overview and filter by your Activity responses as well

Changes that will be coming soon, include: 

  • A change to the Explore navigation menu. We're removing a couple of items under Collections such as Trending Now, On Shelves and All Product Ideas. We'll be adding new options though so you can easily find entries within Product Ideas, Contest Entries and Activity Responses.

The Next Activity

For the next activity we'd like to see how ready you are for the summer holiday! Essentially we would love to see if you can build some of your holiday essentials in LEGO bricks! So, start building some of those summer staples before you put on your shades and kick back in the sun.

Remember, Activities typically only run for about 7 days, so it's just about having some fun with LEGO bricks.

Check out the activity and submit your fun holiday build here.

What are Activities?

Activities are small, informal warm-up challenges that we will set forth on a more regular basis than contests and are of a shorter participation period too. It's about unleashing your creativity in a shorter burst and it's for members who may not want to spend a whole load of time building big creations, but instead want to take an evening of their week to tinker with something new - just for the fun of it.

What further distinguishes Activities from Product Ideas and Contests is that there are no winners and prizes in the same way that you've come to know from our other experiences. However, from time to time we may feature some of the coolest designs on LEGO Social Media to honour your skills. 

Additionally, to keep things as simple as possible and to allow as much creativity as possible, we've simplified the rules for Activities as much as possible.

Past Activity

Want to see the first Activity that we ran? Then you can check out over 100 impressive entries that were submitted in early May to the "Build your finest Micro Modular Building" Activity.

Activity entries shown by LadySugaryBicycle, Brickenberg & Eiffleman.

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