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Introducing Activities - A New Way To Participate On LEGO Ideas

Today we introduce a new way to showcase your creativity on LEGO Ideas called Activities.

What are Activities?

Activities are small, informal warm-up challenges that we will set forth on a more regular basis than contests and are of a shorter participation period too. It's about unleashing your creativity in a shorter burst and it's for members who may not want to spend a whole load of time building big creations, but instead want to take an evening of their week to tinker with something new - just for the fun of it.

What further distinguishes Activities from Product Ideas and Contests is that there are no winners and prizes in the same way that you've come to know from our other experiences. However, from time to time we may feature some of the coolest designs on LEGO Social Media to honour your skills. 

Additionally, to keep things as simple as possible and to allow as much creativity as possible, we've simplified the rules for Activities as much as possible.

In case this all sounds slightly familiar, the concept stems from a test we ran during the LEGO Ideas Test Lab back in early 2017. Back then we ran a mini warm-up activity called "Build a Duck", which was a fun way for even more members to participate regardless of skill level or time availability.



To start with, we're launching Activities as a Beta. This also means we'll currently be restricting access to this new type of challenge to our most active users with the aim of learning more about this new functionality over time. When Activities is ready for the big stage and for more members to participate in, we'll be sure to let everyone know so that you can join the fun too.


The First Activity

We're kicking off Activities with a challenge titled "Build your finest Micro Modular Building" that will run from today until Monday the 13th May. Yes - that's only a week and this is the kind of time period you can come to expect of Activities going forward. 

If you're a part of the Beta group, you'll be able to find the activity here or on the home page.


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