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Contest Winners - Recreating a Magical Harry Potter™ Holiday Scene Contest

It's time to find out which entry had the right level of magic to wow our judges, and reveal the winners of our Harry Potter™ Holiday Scenes contest!

Thank you to everyone who took the time and effort to enter this contest. Make sure you congratulate the winners too in the comments below!

Let's get on with it shall we? Here are the winners:

Grand Prize Winner

Walk to Hogsmeade by Disneybrick55

Here's what our judges said about the first winning design: 

This is one of those models that plays a trick on your mind! It took some of us a little more than we care to admit to notice the shift in scale of the buildings, creating that forced perspective effect that really invites you into that tiny white brick road… Well done!


Runner Up Winner #1

Chaotic Christmas at the Burrow by marvei

Here's what our judges said about this runner up's model: 

This is beautiful vignette, full of details and interesting building techniques. Very inspiring work! And there’s so much packed in such a little space: true representation of what The Burrow is all about!


Runner Up Winner #2

Hedwig & Harry in Winter by Roldan A.G.

Here's what our judges said about our other runner up: 

Great use of the minifig binoculars as part of Hedwig’s feet! And also the use of the BrickHeadz round glasses really works well with this scale. Seeing this bonding moment between Harry and his companion celebrated in the form of bricks so beautifully warmed up our own hearts. Beautiful job!


What's Next? 

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