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Contest Winners - Form your most imaginative Voltron scene

A huge thanks to all participating members for joining this creative challenge. It's always inspiring to see the wild and amazing creations that you all come up with based on the challenges we set forth.

With 150 inspiring Voltron scenes submitted, our judges had their work cut out for them as they found 1 Grand Prize winner and 2 Runner Ups in the "Form your most imaginative Voltron scene" contest. Check out the winners below!

We wish to extend our congrats to the three winners on their accomplishment! 


Grand Prize Winner

In Its Element by aido_k

Here's what the judges had to say about the Grand Prize winning design:

We liked the creativity and detail with “In its Element. It perfectly showed how the Lion is hidden with the Forest environment and has been for some time. This fits in nicely to the overall story of the Paladins finding the lions.


Runner Up Winners

Just Waiting 10,000 Years For A Paladin To Arrive.. by ExeSandbox


Lance's Blue Lion Discovery by jackmojo1



What's Next?

We've got more winner announcements coming up!

  • 13th November, 2018 - LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 "Create an amazing family moment" contest
  • 21th November, 2018 - LEGO Technic Volvo Construction Equipement "Build the construction machines of the future!" contest

However, if you're longing to enter a LEGO Ideas contest you can also do that, as we have 2 active contests going on right now: 

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