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Greek Holiday

Can you feel it?
Warm sun touching your skin, sweet scent of flowers and the sound of waves crashing against shore in the distance. Sounds lovely, right? The never ending summer is now closer than ever before. Capture the essence of holidays with this Greek House model, that I had the pleasure of designing.
Meet the model
The house was built in the traditional Greek architectural style and was kept in the iconic blue and white colour scheme. The house consists of a kitchen, a small bedroom, a toilet and a bathroom. The access to the interior is really simple – the back of the house easily opens up. On the outside you can find a small flower garden and a grapevine pergola with a patio underneath. There’s also a sheep/goat shed and a chicken coop. The build fits into a standard 32 x 32 baseplate.
Discover the details
The model was quite entertaining to build. Especially the stairs and the “stone” floor were fun to come up with. I also really enjoyed decorating the house with all those different kind of plants, including the most loved Greek flowers – Bougainvillea. I managed to find new use for some pieces. Can you spot them? The cherry on top is the use I found for the door, windows and shutters pieces. They belonged to my father, who 40 years earlier used to build his very own creations with the exact same bricks. Our little Lego-legacy lives on to this day with my MOCs and finally, this Ideas submission.
With just a little of your help, the Greek House can become a real Lego set. Vote now :))

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