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Baby Green Sea Turtle - Kinetic


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Baby Green Sea Turtle. 
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What is cuter than a green sea turtle? A baby green sea turtle!
I have yet to meet anybody that did not like turtles, be it the ninja variety or the serene ocean turtles that effortlessly glide with the flow of the ocean.
This is a model of a baby green sea turtle with kinetic swimming movement. The model mimics the swimming turtle gliding in the ocean, with circular rotating front flippers and flapping rear flippers. This is achieved by rotating the crank shaft near the base of the stand.
This model has a moveable head and rotating flippers. The neck can turn and the head can be rotated. It has the cute big iconic eyes and beak with a mouth that can open and close to show various expressions. At the right angles the turtle seems like its smiling hopefully it will bring you a lot of joy.  
The shell is sturdy and streamlined, it is made up of several interlocking pieces called scutes. The scutes are the large scales that form the shape of the shell. These are interlocked in various angles to create the curved shape of the shell. The significance of the scutes is that the number and arrangement of the scutes helps to identify the different species of sea turtle from one another. The green sea turtle has five vertebral scutes along its back as with this model.
I have always loved turtles; I am hoping that this model will be a good conversation starter that would inspire people to research and learn more about them.
It also makes a great display piece in your home or at the office. The turtle can be displayed on its own or it can sit on an angled stand to showcase its magnificent shell.
The Stand now has a living ocean floor teaming with life! There are many creatures at the bottom of the ocean, some are shy and are hiding within the sea foliage or in the nooks and crannies. Some are going about their daily business whilst others may be out to seek their next meal!

Music by juliusH from Pixabay

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