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Mr. Lem and Tales Out of This World

Dear Lego Fans,

I am honored to present to you my latest construction, inspired by the life and work of one of the most original science fiction writers - Stanisław Lem.

Did you know that Lem predicted the invention of the smartphone and virtual reality? The books of this Polish author, futurologist and philosopher have been translated into over 40 languages. His works have been screened many times by such filmmakers as Andrei Tarkovsky, Steven Soderbergh, Ari Folman and Andrzej Wajda.

In connection with the hundredth anniversary of the writer's birth, 2021 was proclaimed the year of Stanisław Lem in Poland.

On this occasion, I wanted to honor the great writer and his achievements in a special way - by building a set referring to his works.

The set includes a book with three interchangeable covers (you can always add your own cover referring to your favorite Lem book):

  1. The first cover shows Stanisław Lem minifigure surrounded by books in his home library. According to his hundredth birthday, on the floor is the number one hundred written in binary system.
  2. The second cover refers to one of Lem's most important books, Solaris. This construction shows a research station floating above an intelligent ocean that covers the title planet.
  3. On the last cover we see the most famous hero of Lem's stories, Pirx the Pilot, who floats in outer space, ready for another interstellar adventure.

I am convinced that this set would perfectly complement the series of commemorative Lego sets, which are a tribute to famous figures from the world of culture and science. I also believe that it would bring a lot of joy not only to Lego fans, but also to all fans of fantastic, thought-provoking stories.

If, like me, you think Lego and books are the best combination in the world, please support this project. I will be grateful for sharing it. Let's celebrate the Lem year together!

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