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Cobra Mk III - 35 Years of Classic Elite


RIGHT ON COMMANDER! Three little words that mean a lot to some older gamers, who may well be reading this! At the time of writing it's nearly 35 years since the classic 3D space trading game Elite first came out on the BBC microcomputer in 1984 - on cassette! That was far from the end of the Elite story, and the universe of Elite lives on today in Elite: Dangerous.

The iconic Cobra Mk III in this Idea was the only ship you could fly in the classic version, and appeared on the starting screen. Now a modern version of the Cobra can be bought after starting in Elite: Dangerous, but this Idea tries to reproduce the original black and white lines of the classic version. Also in the set would be the instrumentation panel and scanner to set the scene, giving you all the information you need to safely (or not!) pilot your Cobra through the black. I hope I've done it justice, as I found the geometrical shapes used back in the day quite difficult to reproduce in LEGO! 

The Cobra has a landing stand, so the set can be displayed on desks and bookshelves, but adults and children alike can blast off easily whenever they want. I hope this Idea brings back some fond memories, and gives you scope to add upgrades to your ship as you approach Elite status! I'm Cmdr ExcelsiorUK on Xbox Elite: Dangerous, but only starting out - my ten year old has more space time than me these days! Thanks to CrashHelmets for inspiration, do check out his modern Coriolis Space Station.

There's a wealth of information on the history of Elite online as you'd expect, including the original manual and the short story that came in the box. Thanks for looking, please do spread the link if you like the Idea... and remember Raxxla.


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