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Welcome to Brickwest Studios, here you can become a true film director, actor, makeup artist or any other job in the cinema world.

Direct the cameras to their best position, place the lights, move the elements of the scene to get the best result. A cinema set with many elements such as the Saloon, the windmill, the water tank, the latrine and other cinematographic elements such as the cargo van with the mobile dressing room, the props of the scene, the cameras and the other camera mounts such as traveling or steady cam

Get your best disposition to shoot your film in a set that suggests some new prints and some color change in pieces such as the lamps or the doors of the van in addition to the minifigures.

10 minifigures are suggested for the set, such as sheriff, director, bandit, makeup artist or the woman innkeeper, also includes 2 horses, a hen, a scorpion, a snake, a pig and a frog.

Moments to recreate an create stories from the past to the present, stories from the Wild Wild West. I hope you like it a lot and if so, do not hesitate to support it. Thank you very much everybody.

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