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Fantozzi Takes the Bus on the Fly

Based on the iconic sequence from the Italian comedy "Fantozzi" (1975), this model represents Ugo Fantozzi trying to get the bus on the fly: in the end he fails, but the scene remains one of the most hilarious in comedy history.

This model is not only a tribute to that movie, but also an occasion to have a whole piece of a vintage city built with Lego bricks, with its classic aesthetics (e.g. the green bus) and a lot of home scenes to be represented inside the building, with a lot of details, even though in a depth of 3 or 4 studs only for each apartment!

I had a lot of fun looking for the best Lego piece for every detail: the one I'm most happy about is the scepter used for the railing of the balconies, but also the castle turret top became a perfect piece for the basement of the highway.

The build is inteded to be shown as it is, or to be played for endless hours of fun!

I really hope you like it and want to support it. Thanks a lot!!! :-)

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