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Queen Andrea’s House by Noelle

Queen Andrea deserves her own BLACK GIRL MAGIC dream house, and she currently doesn’t have one! So I designed her a 3-story house that shows a love for herself, for her family, and for her culture. I dug through TONS of used LEGO store bins for hours and hours and hours to find Afros, Black characters, and the exact design pieces I needed to build a house fit for Queen Andrea.

There are no LEGO sets with a Black family like mine. I spent hours and hours piecing together Black pieces. I saved up my chores money just to buy a set, so I could get Andrea the crown she is wearing and deserve to wear in her house. Black kids shouldn’t have to piece together a family or mansion house design for Andrea! This is a much-needed design.

This will make a great LEGO set because it shows everything amazing about Queen Andrea and her family! I used all my babysitting money to buy hard to find pieces like Afros, Black characters, and planned a dream home for her whole family! It has a planetarium, an easy slide open concept design, a rooftop terrace and garden, specialty rooms for everyone in her family, including an on-suite for the Grandparents, a room with space for her brother’s fashion designs, a room for her sister’s veterinary shelter business, a room for her parents with a floating bed set design I made, a full library and full music studio, a gourmet kitchen where the grandma teaches her kids the family recipes and hands them down like my grandma does, and a green house family history tree design that leads up to the top rooftop garden and planetarium!!!

I used plants in my design because it symbolizes how important family roots are and that we are always growing and learning about our family tree. I made an upstairs music studio because my Dad is always teaching me about the Harlem Renaissance and the great musicians, and he teaches me how to play instruments with him. Family is important to me, so I built the grandparents a top suite. My grandma passes down her family recipes to me, so I made a kitchen for her to teach us cultural recipes and food.

The top of the house is a planetarium because my Dad says my future is bright as the stars. The planetarium feed from the telescope is linked to the computer in Andrea’s room, so she can record her findings. I have a telescope at my house, and so I think Andrea would love this design of a home I designed for her. The rooftop is also a garden because my parents and grandparents pass down how to grow our own food from our own seeds, and that is very important to my family and my culture. So the top is a slide out garden and planetarium.

The laptop in Andrea's room is a live feed to her telescope on the roof, so she can track and find new planets and have a record of her work. I made a full library on the second floor because my parents tell me I need to know my history to write my own future, and I am always reading books, so I built Andrea an entire library for her books. I made the library using LEGO pieces I hand-picked to create a smooth bookshelf full of awesome books.

Andrea has a music studio, planetarium, garden, and library showing that girls like Andrea don’t do just one thing, but we have Black Girl Magic and can do anything! I know millions of kids like me want to own and play with LEGO that look like they do! I am always studying interior design and challenging myself. When I saw Andrea doesn’t have any home set for herself, I knew what I had to do. It took me a long time to earn the money and find every piece to make the Black Family, but it was worth it. The world and Andrea needs this Queen Andrea’s House design!

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