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Vintage Pirate’s Bust

A dip in 1989 with this gorgeous bust! A tribute to those who as a child dreamed of being like the legendary Redbearded captain. To those who played with the first LEGO pirates sets, imagining mythical adventures by the seas ...
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With this small set of even 400 pcs you may adorn your home as if it were a Spanish galleon of ancient times, with the arrogance of a pirate and the class of the smile of Captain Redbeard!
It's not all! With this bust you can relive the glories of your childhood thanks to the two beautiful vintage minifigures included! Two vintage pirates, directly from 1989, to enrich your collection!
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My first set was the one of the pirate minifigures ... What else to say? A tribute to all this!
Thanks for support!
If you are also a LEGO bust lover, this might make your day :)

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