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Swan Wings Airport


*** This is a full collaborative project by Bricky_Brick and Brickester ***

Welcome to Swan Wings Airport, the new airport terminal for your Lego city.
A modern building with all the basic needs that an airport requires. In the entrance you will be greeted by sliding doors and a spacious hall. It is on this ground floor where our minifigures will decide whether to check in their luggage, if they need to use the toilet, pick up their bags from the conveyor belt and necessarily go through security control.

The escalator takes the minifigures to a second floor where there are boarding gates, waiting areas to relax and charge the phone or even a duty free for the last purchases before the flight.
Once boarding has begun, passengers cross through the finger and get on the plane received by the cordially welcome of the airline’s crew, wishing them a pleasant flight.

From the control tower (with working elevator included) an indication is given to the pilot to start the takeoff maneuvers. Passengers fasten their seatbelts and get ready to enjoy the flight.
After landing, passengers go down the stairs to the runway and go to the baggage claim hall. Here, on the baggage claim belt (which is mechanically operated), travelers retrieve their luggage and place it on the baggage trolleys to go to the main hall of the airport and go to their final destination or return home.

Technical Data

Number of pieces: 2994
Number of minifigures: 10

About the collaborative project

This project aims to focus on the main elements that take place in any airport terminal. We put all our efforts trying to recreate and resume all those elements in a Lego set form, with the limited amount of pieces of a Lego Ideas product and the self-challenge of using just existing Lego elements.

After several years designing with Lego and both being fans of this brand since we were kids, this collaboration was born with the intention of sharing our creative processes and focusing on the idea of ​​teamwork.

The fact that both of us live in Madrid and frequently use our Madrid-Barajas airport has influenced this project in many ways, but it’s also certainly truth that the multiple airports we’ve been to and the memories of so many moments in them has influenced many of our decisions. It is therefore not a replica of any particular airport, but a kind of collection of fragments based on our own memories.

Once our work is finished, we can say without any doubt that the experience has exceeded our expectations. The innumerable talks about pieces, techniques, prototypes, ideas, concepts and design options have not only enriched each other but have allowed us to share and debate in a very intimate and delicate field for any creator: making aesthetic or functional decisions, choices, selections, prioritizations; confronting different points of view and even learn to make concessions for the good of the final model.

In some way making this project has been for us a kind of celebration of our friendship and our passion for Lego.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do creating it and we thank you in advance for your support.

Bricky_Brick & Brickester.

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