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The Lego Founders BrickHeadz- Ole Kirk Christiansen & Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen


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Dear fellow Lego fans I proudly present my latest submission The Lego Founders Brickheadz. For this set I pay homage to the two greatest champions of Lego, Ole Kirk Christiansen, Lego Founder, and Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, Founder of the Minifigure. If it was not for these two great visionaries we would not be gathered here, now. For this build I have two Brickheadz Figures and two small accompanying builds/vignettes. Ole Kirk Christiansen, the master wood worker, has his woodworking bench with some woodworking tools, the iconic Lego wooden duck, and a gold Lego Brick (symbolizing the golden idea of the Lego System). Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen accompanying build is a wooden Minifigure display case filled with Minifigures (come on who doesn’t collect Minifigures?). 




Ole Kirk Christiansen Brickheadz- 104 pieces

Ole Kirk Christiansen’s Woodworking Bench- 117 pieces


Brickheadz figure, Woodworking bench along brick wall, 6 tools (including wood saw, hammers, and others), table vise, piece of wood, 2x2 Gold Brick, brief case, and the iconic Lego wooden duck.


Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen  Brickheadz- 133 pieces

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen Minifigure Display Case- 57 pieces.


Brickheadz figure, Wood and Glass Display Case, Gold Minifigure trophy, and 4 Microfigures.


Total Piece Count- 411 pieces.




I feel this is a really fun lil’ build, especially with the accompanying vignettes, for all ages of Lego fan. For our younger fans it is a great history lesson and perhaps could come with a small accompanying booklet of Lego History. Furthermore, Brickheadz offer a great way to display two of the most important Lego pioneers... Remember, if it wasn’t for the innovative thinking of this Grandfather-Grandson pair there would be no Lego and Minifigure collecting as we know it today would not exist... I believe we all can spare a little room in our displays/collections for these two. 


Thank you for taking the time to look at my project. I hope you all like and enjoy it! If you would like to see this as a set please support friends! Your comments and suggestions are also always greatly appreciated, as is sharing the word on social media. 



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