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Summer Beach Resort🌊🌴

A Summer themed LEGO set, for all the summer-lovers and beach goers~!
Let all your Lego minifigures enjoy a nice day at the beach~

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I miss going to the beach and enjoying some sunlight.
Oh well, I guess the best outlet of that energy right now is building a LEGO Summer resort~!
This Lego resort is a great vacation spot for families and surfers, visitors can:
  • Build a sandcastle while eating a ice pop 🍧
  • Surf the great wave made of Lego bricks~!🌊
  • Play with the many animals around the beach: seagull, parrot, crab and lobster
  • Sunbath on a beautiful bench, drinking a glass of tropical juice 🍹
  • Chill in the Beach house and have a hotdog

Special features:
  • Transparent, tan and blue bricks to create the water + wet sand effects
  • Stacked tiles to create the roof texture inspired by Bali beach resort cabins.
  • LEGO Sandcastle
  • Brick built wave front for minifigure surfer!
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With 10000 votes, this can become a real Lego set available worldwide~

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