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Brickheadz Astronautz: NASA Spacesuits


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The Brickheadz Astronautz: NASA Spacesuits set is a fun recreation of the current and next-generation spacesuits!

The set consists of customizable two space-suited Brickheadz astronautz.

  • The first build replicates "Extravehicular Mobility Unit" or "EMU" that was designed in 1970's and being used since 1981 for spacewalk (or extravehicular activities, EVA), initially in the Space Shuttle missions. Later, EMU became the indispensable workforce for the construction of the International Space Station (ISS). Even after ISS is completed and the Space Shuttles retired, EMU still supports the expansion and maintenance of the ISS. The LEGO build consists of an astronaut, helmet, portable life support system (PLSS) backpack, and a jetpack called SAFER (Simplified Aid for EVA Rescue).

  • The second build is Artemis spacesuit or officially "Exploration EMU" (xEMU), the next-generation spacesuit for moon landing and exploration. For the first time since the 12 Apollo astronauts walked on the moon (1969-72), the "next man" will walk on the moon in 2024. Also, the first female moonwalker in the human history will explore the moon in this spacesuit! This LEGO build consists of an astronaut, helmet, and life support backpack.

This Brickheadz set includes several extra parts (assembled and shown as a frame on the top image) to cover a variety of ethnicity and make the LEGO set diversified and inclusive. Facial expression, skin color, and hairstyle are customizable. It's time to make your own astronauts!

The set also comes with LEGO spacewalk tools based on the real tools, as well as unique space-theme bases (lunar terrain, Earth, moon, and satellite). The total part count including the bases and spare parts is 939.

I made this set as a tribute to the former, current, and future astronauts who work hard, take risks, and expand the human frontier.

With the detachable helmets, life support backpacks, and customizable heads, this LEGO idea will be a fun-to-build and playable set! Make yourself as the Brickheadz astronaut! I believe this set will be a great addition to your Brickheadz & LEGO-space collection.

Hope you like this LEGO idea. I appreciate your support, and feedback in the Comment tab!

If you are interested in minifig-scale space station with realistic instruments and large space to play, please also take a look at another project!

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