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Ninjago: Behind the Scenes

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In this project we're going beyond the brick with the making of Ninjago.

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They didn't think you had it in you. I told them you could!
I built this in the style of Architecture, yet with a minifig scale part behind.

Kosmic Sound studio, Vancouver.
Here's where the characters come to life! The many voice actors from Ninjago have used this studio for 9-10 years now.
I included the front of the building (based on Brent Miller's studio tour on YouTube), as well as two imaginary buildings on either side. 

The minifig scale part has a recording studio with  various posters, scripts and microphones, not to mention space for up to 7 voice actors - I included: (clockwise) Michael Adamthwaite (Jay), Vincent Tong (Kai), Brent Miller (Zane), Kirby Morrow (Cole), Kelly Metzger (Nya), Mark Oliver (Lord Garmadon), and Britt McKillip (Harumi).
(Sorry Sam Vincent (Lloyd) and Paul Dobson (Master Wu), there wasn't enough space...)

Lego HQ, Billund.
The Ninjago design room is HERE! I included the Zane bust and drawers, not to mention sets, boxes, and posters. (Credit to the original Ninjago Visual Dictionary, by DK, for the furnishing of this room.
The minifigure for this part is none other than Tommy Andreasen, who developed the original concept of Ninjago. He is a legend in Lego's original themes, having developed Ninjago, Chima, Nexo Knights, and even Hidden Side! (He also did the original "Hey!" for Lego City!)

In case you missed them, I have
  1. Tommy Andreasen - Senior Creative Manager at the LEGO Group.
  2. Michael Adamthwaite -  Thor (Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow) and Jay (Ninjago).
  3. Vincent Tong - famous for Kai (Ninjago), Gene Khan/Mandarin (Iron Man: The Armoured Adventures), Antaeus Nekton (The Deep).
  4. Brent Miller - his leading roles include Zane (Ninjago) and Hot Shot (Transformers: Armada).
  5. Kirby Morrow -  he voiced Rad White (Transformers: Armada), and Cole (Ninjago), 
  6. Kelly Metzger - she was a theatre actress before moving to voice acting, starring as Anne in Anne of Green Gables.
  7. Mark Oliver - He has Garmadon (Ninjago), Monstrux (Nexo Knights), and Mechanikat (Krypto the Superdog) under his belt.
  8. Britt McKillip - Princess Cadance and Lyra Heartstrings (My Little Pony).

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