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The Rust Bucket


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It's 2523 all life as we know it is gone.

An infection has now begun to spread.

The humans were replaced by a population known as the infected. Only a small roup of us survive and hope on rebuilding the world is slim.We need your help to catch as many infected as you can and only eliminate the ones that get too close. Climb abord the Rust Bucket and get back to safety. 

This LEGO set, 'The Rust Bucket', is a fully motorised train set in the apocolypse. The set is made of 815 bricks and consists of the engine, a sleeper car and an Infected containment car.

The Engine uses Power Functions 1.0 but can be converted to the newer powered up. The Power Functions used to power this set are:

  • Ir reciver
  • Ir battery box 
  • Train Motor 
  • Ir remote controller 

This is my smallest model so far and I'm pretty proud of it.  

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Please share these with your friends and thank you so much for the support!  

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