Contest Entry

Vintage Mail Van


This is my second entry in the contest, a vintage mail van. The model is loosely inspired by British mail vans with its traditional red colour scheme.

The van is 18 studs long, 6 studs wide and 8 bricks high. In total 208 bricks are used to build the van with a further 30 bricks for the extra side builds and minifigure.

The Mail Van has opening doors at the back with plenty of storage space for letters and parcels.

The roof can be easily removed to provide access to the cab and the back of the van.

I've also included a small section of pavement in the style of the modular building series, with a lamp post and a traditional British style Pillar Box.

The picture below shows the mail van alongside one of my current LEGO Ideas projects Bricks & Blooms

Thanks for checking out my entry in the contest, I hope you like the model.