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Contest Winners - Unleash Your Own Genetically Modified Hybrid Dinosaur

This 'Jurassic World' contest has not dissapointed! We've been incredibly impressed with each and every one of the 465 entries. Thank you to everyone who took so much time and effort to create their designs. But let's not delay! Here are our winners:

Grand Prize Winner 

Tyrannocow (T-cow) by yop1172.

Here's what our judges said about the winning design: 

This entry took us completely by surprise with a mix none of us saw coming. And we love the fact that it’s not a vicious predator, but instead a caring protector of its own, even if this beautiful creature is still trying to figure out where it truly belongs in the animal kingdom. WE ♥ U, T-Cow!

Runner Up Winners

Tyrannosaurus scorpio tigris by Langemann Lego

Here's what our judges said about our first runner up's design: 

This is an awesome model! It’s extremely detailed, well thought through, with a balanced colour scheme and great poseability options. One could call it a photogenic beast!

Tricaketops by A Fellow Player

And here's what our judges said about our second runner up's design: 

Here in the design team, we’re not sure any scientist would ever think of mixing cake with dino DNA, but that’s exactly why we had you to come up with these brilliant ideas! It’s unexpected, fun and a great little model! Well done!

What's Next? 

You've still got time to submit your Junkertown transformations of Overwatch Heroes, so make sure you submit before August 28th!


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