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LEGO Ideas Test Lab Winners


Over the last few months we had the pleasure to host a Fourth Build challenge on the LEGO Ideas Test Lab platform and were astounded by the creativity and results that poured out of the community. All 572 Fourth Builds were impressive in their own way, but as the challenge progressed, the Fourth Builds were narrowed down in various stages until just 10 were left. From these a Kids Vote recently determined the Top 3 winners, whilst a Brick Vote determined a fan's choice winner. Check out all the winners below.

Congrats once again to all winners and all participants!


First Place - Scary Scorpion! by rjhanson36  


Second Place - Dino Island Recon Plane by jjrailton


Third Place - Mighty Dinosaurs - Green Ankylosaurus by Lord_Mithrandir


Brick Vote Winner - Locust/Grasshopper by autoreverse

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