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Update: Making it easier for new members to create an account, and minor TOS change

We’ve heard from many of you that it’s difficult and confusing for new members to set up an Ideas account. After all, if you found LEGO Ideas after mid-2014, you never had a LEGO CUUSOO account, and the prompts to import one were confusing. Today we updated LEGO Ideas to simplify the sign up process by removing the LEGO CUUSOO account import step:

  • If you visit LEGO Ideas without a LEGO ID, you’ll go through the standard LEGO ID process, accept our Terms of Service, and confirm your email address.
  • If you arrive at LEGO Ideas already signed into your LEGO ID, you’ll only need to accept our terms and confirm your email.

Now it will be simpler and less confusing for new guests to create a profile and support your projects. Since the LEGO CUUSOO community closed over two years ago, any projects carried over have since expired on LEGO Ideas, and it makes sense to remove the import functionality.

We’ve also made a minor update to the Terms of Service under III. (iii.) Taxes with specific language about how tax will be handled for any royalty payments, as well as a short reference to this section in the Prizes and Rewards list of our Guidelines.

More updates coming this Fall
Look forward to two more updates this Fall that aim to improve the Ideas online experience based on your survey feedback, our user experience testing, and talking with members at LEGO fan events. We’ll communicate more as these updates are ready.


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