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Winner Announcement - Create Your Own Exhibition

We're so excited to share the winners of this challenge! We wish we could make these a reality they're that good.

The judges found it super difficult to decide on the three winners, and so we have decided to announce the addition of a 'Bonus Winner' for this challenge too. They were offered a choice of a few sets, and decided to take a copy of The Red London Telephone Box :)

A huge thank you to our winners, please help me and the LEGO Ideas team in congratulating them in the comments down below. And of course, a huge thank you to all of you who submitted your fantastic and interesting submissions to this challenge.

Without further ado, here are the winners!:

Grand Prize Winner - TYRANNOSAURUS VS TRICERATOPS by TheBrickBang


Runner Up Winner - OCEAN WORLD EXHIBITION by BrickPiper9


Runner Up Winner - ANCIENT AQUATIC REPTILES by Monkey Scout


Bonus Prize Winner - WORLD OF PRIMATES by OriB



For Ideas members looking for something to do: We have an amazing challenge active, all about the 80's! This challenge also offers the chance to become a LEGO Ideas Fan Designer, if you can wow the judges and the LEGO Ideas community.

You could also race on over to take part in this challenge, celebrating the icon: Ayrton Senna and his success at the wheel of the McLaren MP4/4 (Fun fact, today the 21st of March would have been his 64th Birthday!).


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