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Input wanted to 10K Club Interview questions

As you know, several times a year, leading up to the review results announcements, we publish a series of 10K Club Interviews that tell the stories and journeys of the our talented LEGO Ideas members who made it to the hard-to-reach milestone of 10,000 supporters. 

There's no denying that we absolutely love learning more about our members and know many of you love it too, which is why we would like your feedback. Specifically, we're interested in knowing what you think about the current questions that we ask our 10K Club members. Are they sufficient? Or are there things you'd love to know more about? Perhaps you've always had a burning question for 10K Club members! Well here's your chance to perhaps get it answered.

So...ask your questions below in the comments, or discuss the current ones. We'll follow up and see how we can incorporate your feedback into the questions we ask in the future.

We should state that it's always up to the individual 10K Club member whether or not they wish to participate in our interview as well as how much information they wish to share with everyone. 


Not sure what questions we ask our 10K Club members once their Product Ideas move into review?

Then check out an example of a 10K Club Interview here:


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