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LEGO Ideas Test Lab has gone offline.

From mid-January through mid-April, LEGO Ideas members were invited to help us test a new version of our software platform called LEGO Ideas Test Lab. Test Lab has gone offline today as planned. Thanks to those of you who joined in our little experiment, including new features and a new Challenge format.

Introducing the Test Labber Badge

As a small token of our appreciation for you being here, every active Test Lab member* who is also a member of LEGO Ideas will receive the Test Labber badge today. Special thanks to member THUURART for encouraging us to commemroate Test Lab with a badge.

* The fine print: To receive the Test Labber badge, you must have been a LEGO Ideas Test Lab member with an account prior to April 6th and participated by voting, commenting, or submitting an activity or Fourth Build on LEGO Ideas Test Lab (sorry, lurkers!).

What's next for LEGO Ideas?

Toward the end of May, we'll upgrade the LEGO Ideas platform. You'll see some small changes, but most of this upgrade is behind the scenes. Think of this step like putting a stronger foundation under our building, so we can build higher in the future. If you were active on Test Lab, note that you will not see features like Community Cafe, Challenges, or Activities on LEGO Ideas ... at least for now. Most importantly, your Projects will continue to work as they always haveWe're also continuing to work on our roadmap to make LEGO Ideas even better in the months and years to come. In the future, we may introduce features similar to ones we've evaluated in Test Lab. We'll communicate about those when the time is right.



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