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We’ve made updates to LEGO Ideas!

Today we’ve released our first major update of 2019 based on a lot of feedback and insights collected over the last months. Thank you to everyone who constantly shares their experiences and feedback on an on-going basis! It’s invaluable information for us to know what challenges you the most when navigating LEGO Ideas. So, what have we updated?

We’ve overhauled how navigation works!

We heard your concerns that navigational changes made in our big June 2018 update, didn’t make finding things easier and we’re working on this in stages. In this first stage, we’ve removed the left-hand side menu on the home page and focused primary navigation at the top of the page instead. Consistent navigation across the top rocks, and since its “sticky,” it will be readily available wherever you are on the website.

The main drop-down also receives a mega-menu for a better overview of sub-pages, but it also calls out themes now for those who just wish to be inspired by new, awesome LEGO Ideas submissions. It also call-outs the latest blog posts in a nice-to-browse manner. Looking for the old "Discover" button? We've moved this into the Explore mega-menu, under "All Product Ideas" or you can find it be clicking on the magnifying glass/loupe icon in the search bar.

Besides making these navigational updates to desktop, we’ve also made them to the mobile version of the site, as we know lots of you love browsing on the go.


You can now delete your LEGO Ideas profile yourself!

Yes – it’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to let you know you’re now able to delete your LEGO Ideas profile yourself.

To delete your LEGO Ideas profile you can visit the "Settings" page and scroll down to "Delete My Profile". You can also opt to delete your LEGO Ideas profile by going to "LEGO Account" and deleting your LEGO Account entirely, meaning both your LEGO Account and LEGO Ideas account at the same time.


Let us know your feedback

Did you know that you can send us feedback about what you think doesn’t work or how you envision LEGO Ideas could change for the better?

To consolidate and get a better overview of all your feedback, we’ve added a new feature to our support portal ( The “I suggest you” feature allows you to:

  • Submit an idea for improving the LEGO Ideas experience
  • Vote for and comment on improvement ideas that other members have already submitted

Instead of sending us your ideas for improvements or feature requests via email or in blog comments (you’re still welcome to do so of course), we’d prefer if feedback such as this is made via the “I suggest you” feature. By voting for your favourite ideas you give us an indication of what concerns you or what you’re longing for the most, so that we can investigate how feasible it is for us to implement this.

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