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Contest Winners - Build a Ghost You Are Afraid Of!

Quaking in our boots, the winning entries for out Build a Ghost You Are Afraid Of contest have been selected, so let's see the winners:

Grand Prize Winner - Joy Sweeper - A Ghost That Will Come for Your Lego Bricks by Nenad_dmc


Runner Up #1 - Haunted House by LLCoolD


Runner Up #2 - Gnorl, the Tickly Monster by sdelrue


Congrats agin to all three winners, who built some truly great ghosts for the gang to catch!

What's Next? 

If you're looking to submit something, then look no further than our We love sports! contest, which has everything to do with, you guessed it; sports! I'd also like to remind you all if you'd like to do some building, that you can alway's check out our activities.

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