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First platform updates of 2020

The holidays are well and truly over and our development team is back to work bringing you new updates! Learn more about what changes have been made.



As we've added new experiences to LEGO Ideas in the form of Contests and Activities, our Discover page and subsequent filtering options hadn't gotten the love and attention to make sure they followed suit and were relevant....until now. 

We're happy to let you know that our team has been working to improve the Discover overview to make it simpler to distinguish between what is a Product Idea, Contest, Contest Entry, Activity and Activity Entry, including that you now get the right contextual filters and sorting functions that are relevant to that experience. 

We've also moved the filters and sorting functionality to the top of the page, meaning we've been able to expand the search results page by 1 column so that you can get a better overview of all the submissions.



As you know, Activities are a fun way to get started on LEGO Ideas or practise your skills when you're not competing in the "big leagues" of Contests and Product Ideas. But sometimes it's nice to get a little feedback and appreciation from others, which is why we've introduced the ability to 'Like' Activity entries. 

This new 'Like' feature will also help us find the fan favourites among Activity entries, so that we can feature these. So stay tuned for that!

Let us know your feedback

Did you know that you can always send us feedback about what you think doesn’t work or how you envision LEGO Ideas could change for the better?

To consolidate and get a better overview of all your feedback, we’ve added a new feature to our support portal ( The “I suggest you” feature allows you to:

  • Submit an idea for improving the LEGO Ideas experience
  • Vote for and comment on improvement ideas that other members have already submitted

Instead of sending us your ideas for improvements or feature requests via email or in blog comments (you’re still welcome to do so of course), we’d prefer if feedback such as this is made via the “I suggest you” feature. By voting for your favourite ideas you give us an indication of what concerns you or what you’re longing for the most, so that we can investigate how feasible it is for us to implement this.

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