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A few small maintenance fixes on LEGO Ideas

Today we’re happy to share a few small maintenance fixes that will make a big difference for some peoples’ experience on LEGO Ideas.

  1. Login Issues. First, some people have reported not being able to log in, or being logged out soon after logging in. Our developers have improved the way the LEGO Ideas site works with LEGO ID. Hopefully logging in (and staying logged in!) is now more reliable.
  2. Search Bar. In the search bar, the magnifying glass icon is now clickable. While you could always press Enter, many were confused not being able to click the icon. Click away!
  3. Comment Replies. Replies to comments will now appear in chronological order, so you can read a comment thread from top to bottom, instead of bottom to top. This is similar to Facebook comments, though we only nest replies one level. If you want to see replies the old way, use the arrows at the top of a project's Comments tab.
  4. Commenting on the Blog. Comments on blog posts should work much better now. We fixed a bug that was causing some comment replies to not show. Also, all members are now able to comment on the blog. Thanks to those of you who reported that you couldn’t comment, we’ve found the problem and fixed it for you.


Thanks to everyone who wrote us about the issues above and we hope you enjoy the improvements. If something doesn’t work as you expect, or you experience other technical issues, don’t hesitate to write us at


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