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LEGO Ideas Minifigure Prize Machine Fan Votes! – Fan Vote Open

We're so excited to release the LEGO Ideas Minifigure Prize Machine in the future. But we want your input on the set! As promised, here are our Fan Votes, that will impact this future LEGO Ideas set. We'll be asking you to vote on:

  • A new color of a Classic Space Minifigure
  • Which Castle Faction to make a Minifigure for

We’re super excited to have this vote open from May 27th, 2024 at 3pm CEST to June 3rd, 2024 at 3pm CEST. Each member will have one vote for their favorite Classic Space Minifigure Colour and one for their preferred Castle Faction.

Cast your vote using this link.


The Classic Space Minifigure Color Vote consists of the following options:

  • 107 - Bright Bluish Green

  • 119 - Bright Yellowish Green

  • 124 - Reddish Violet

  • 297 - Warm Gold

  • 321 - Dark Azure


The Castle Faction Vote consists of updating or creating new factions, from the following:

  • Krakens - New

  • Griffins - New

  • Bulls

  • Crows


You can use this link to head over to the voting page!

Please note that the colors and shapes of the Castle Factions may vary in the final design. For more information on the Product Ideas process, you can use this link: 

Happy voting, everyone! 


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