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Fan Vote - Your build in the world-famous LEGO House!

We've done a very very similar contest before and we're still blown away by the creativity you all have! It's time to see all of the judges picks and your options for the Fan Vote, for our ''Your build in the world-famous LEGO House'' contest.

All entries listed here have won the opportunity to be displayed in The LEGO House and will receive a 21037 LEGO House signed by the designer.

A quick reminder, The LEGO House were looking for creative, fun builds that will blow the minds of everyone visiting the world-famous LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. 

They challenged you to build an entry that is either: 
  1. An alternative nature build: Show us your take on nature with an alternative twist, such as a humanised flower, a sci-fi plant or a genetically modified insect! 
  1. A fun LEGO Minifigure or Mini-doll scene: show off your LEGO humour in a fun and interesting Minifigure or Mini-doll scene. The funnier, the better!

Let's go through the Nature Builds first! Here they are:

  1. Nature: Rhinoasis by Brik_Sean

  2. Nature: Lizard by Ymari

  3. Nature: Busy Bunny by ballojr

  4. Nature: Cactus amigo by moctown

  5. Nature: Leopard cat by ianhou_taiwan

  6. Nature: Urban panda by ianhou_taiwan

  7. Nature: Knight of Bumblebee by ZiO Chao

  8. Nature: The Black Bull by aido_k

  9. Nature: The Nature Strikes Back by xXgGhostXx

  10. Nature: Backyard Critters by Kubik

  11. Nature : Chicken Trip by Fil brick

  12. "Nature: The Devour Flower" by Aiden.builds

  13. Nature:The Great Phoenix ... or Parrot by BothBasilisk

  14. Nature: Lava Dolphin by Swan Dutchman

  15. Nature: Animals Bands by Bolim

  16. Nature:Flower Flamingo by Leona15

  17. Nature: Expedition Cure by Kylinger

  18. Nature- Winged Seahorse by Rasmus Obel

  19. Nature: Serpent Elementalis by Krakenbrix

  20. Nature: Mother swan and little geese by Leona15

  21. Nature: Sheep Tic Tac Toe by The Half Blood Baron

  22. Nature: Mech Centipede by Mitsuru Nikaido

  23. Nature: Hidden Garden by ACPin

  24. Nature: Monkey Rave by RynardP

  25. Nature : The Flower Guy by aubrysylvain

  26. Nature: Ice cream dragon by DannyBoy4

  27. Nature: Fuchsia Fusion by Ymari

  28. Nature: Lord Hornet by Spartan0712

  29. Nature: The Abbys by LuisPG


And now, here are all the amazing Minifigure themed builds:

  1. Minifigure - Reflective fade by Mellolover

  2. Minifigure: Just arrived by brick_expert

  3. Minifigure: Penguins Can Fish? by maniac1027

  4. Minifigure: Someone call a plumber by martinv77

  5. Minifigure: Make it rain! by LegoFjotten

  6. Minifigure: Reach for the Stars by nasa105

  7. Minifigures: Mech-o-Brick and The S3P4R4TOR Face-off by _livingbricks_

  8. Minifigure: Monkey Mission by Kev.the.Builder

  9. Minifigure: Snack Attack by nasa105

  10. Minifigure: Adventures At Home by CARLIERTI

  11. MINIFIGURE: Mobile Mayhem! by SecondGleefulThing

  12. Minifigure: My Hero by Vulpecula

  13. Minifigure: Playing Golf 2 by Vulpecula

  14. Minifigure: Late Night Campsite Fright!! by MitchB33

  15. Minifigure: If the pizza guy arrives late, you don't have to pay! by Decibull

  16. Minifigure : Baby invasion by Leewan

  17. Minifigure: "Carried Away on Holiday" by Ted A.

  18. Minifigure: In search of treasure by LukashevaInna

  19. Minifigure: Air and Space Museum by LuisPG

  20. Minifigure: Cookie heist by LegoFjotten

  21. Minifigure: The Colony Exposes an Imposter by TangoWhisky

  22. Minifigure: Alien Burger Shack by FarmerFitMushroom

  23. Minifigure: Prison Escape by Rune8852

  24. Minifigure: Magic Bricks by Blocksmiths

  25. Minifigure: A "Normal" Working Day in Mini-Chef Restaurant! by Orange ALEX

  26. Minifigure: Auto Shop by Mr. Rock

  27. Minifigure: Tree Swing by benlouisa


Wow! That's all of them. If you made it to the bottom of the blog post, well.. Hello and well done! The LEGO Ideas team and I hope you have at least one or two entries you think are amazing. Be sure to congratulate the creators in the comments down below. They haven't been contacted, so this may come as a surprise!

Wait hold on, they haven't been told?! No that's not how we usually do things here on LEGO Ideas. users usually know before we announce they are a winner of a contest (Which all of the users above, are and HAVE won a prize!). However, we're going to contact each of the winners once we know who has won the fan vote prizes too.

If you'd like to look at all the entries in this contest, or if you'd like to check out the prizes, you can do so here.

You have two votes available to you. One is for the Minifigure entries and one is for the Nature entries.

Thanks for reading and happy voting!

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