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The Best of Activities During September 2020!

Today we're here to celebrate all the best activity entries for September! Including cakes, knolling and trophies!

Remember we launch activities each week, so keep an eye out for new ones. Especially this month if you love Halloween.

Build to Win!

For this activity, we asked you to come up with LEGO trophies! Here's the best:

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This Stethoscope Trophy by Mind the Brick - 40 Likes


And the Staff Pick, Banana cow's Trophy - 37 Likes


Keep it Basic!

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Did you build an iconic landmark? It had to be on a 8 x 8 baseplate and these are two of the best.

Corvus_Auriac's Leaning Tower of Pisa - 58 Likes


And the Staff Pick, The Neist Point lighthouse by Hob72 - 16 Likes



For some people this will be something new, but some people do this without even realizing. It's Knolling! Laying out your LEGO in order before building the set.

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Picea's Four Elements - 41 Likes


And the Staff Pick, Mos Eisley Cantina by Stefferzz - 18 Likes


Delicious Bakes!

Bricks that look good enough to eat, although obviously please please PLEASE don't eat them! Here are two of the best:

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Lego CustardKid's Victorian Cake - 110 Likes


And the Staff Pick, this cake, already on a plate! By Monsieur Greenhorn - 3 Likes


What's next?

Thank you to everyone who has been submitting activity entries, it's been amazing to see what you've been submitting and we have some Spooktober activities coming this month so stay tuned :D.

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