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Dinosaur Fossils Signing Events in China Flashback

Recently, Dinosaur Fossils fan designer Jonathan Brunn went on a little "roadtrip" China, where he attended several signing events and met countless Chinese fans who flocked to meet the talented designer, get their sets signed and snap a photo with the Frenchman. 

China was a real surprise to me. In fact, I did not expect to leave France at all for the signing events! I thought that I was already lucky to sign sets in my country but, in China?! It was unthinkable!

This trip was like being in a dream. Coming from a small village of 3000 inhabitants, I found myself in huge megacities. Fortunately all the local LEGO staff were there to guide me and accompany me! In 10 days I visited the biggest cities of China, from Beijing to Chengdu (and its famous hot pot!) through to Guangzhou and others!

There was no doubt that the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Jonathan, who despite not having much time to see China itself, was blown away by the reception he was given by its country-men and -women in each of the stores and cities. Beyond just signing his set's he was even able to hold a short presentation for everyone who met up in advance to explain a little more about his project and how it came about. 

The people there were incredibly kind, greeted my mom and me like stars. It was just awesome! Although I did not have much time to visit this fascinating country, I still had the opportunity to meet a lot of people (fans, bloggers, and, of course, the local LEGO teams) and to talk a lot with them. These unforgettable moments will forever be engraved in my memory, I had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the first supporters of my project. They were so proud and happy to see my set finally in their hands!

I was surprised by the craze of the Chinese people for LEGO products and for my set. Some people were queuing for several hours just to see me and have their box signed! All the fans were so full of energy, wanted to take pictures with me, thanked me for giving them some time... I hope I lived up to their expectations. Despite the tiredness and jet lag, I think I signed almost 2000 boxes! Not to mention goodies like postcards, posters or more surprising things like ... a kid's shirt!

What I will remember above all is the pride of seeing my set in front the LEGO Stores, and watching the children fascinated by my dinosaurs as I was at their age. It is a feeling that can't be forgotten and that does not leave me. Actually, knowing that it's the same thing in all the LEGO Stores in the world, it's quite dizzying!

In short, I would like to thank with all my heart all the LEGO staff and fans in China for their invitation, their generosity, their energy and for having supported and helped me during this incredible adventure. I will never be grateful enough to them for giving me this lifetime opportunity. And I hope to go back there one day, this time as a simple tourist ;)


We'd like to give a big thanks to Jonathan for joining us and giving so many fans a unique experience! 

You can check out more photos from Jonathan's visit to China below.

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