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Build a Ghost You Are Afraid Of Contest - Closed for Entries

Just shy of 500 entries, our Ghostbusters themed contest has closed the intake phase. Thanks to everyone who took part in our contest, our last contest, for 2020. We will of course now move into the judging phase, which will end in 2021 and of course follow with the winner announcement soon after!

A panel of judges consisting of the LEGO Ghostbusters team, will choose 3 winners based on:

  • Overall coolness and originality: 25%
  • Most inspired details: 25%
  • Relevance to contest theme: 25% ​​​​
  • Best use of LEGO elements: 25%

What's Next?

That is it for contests this year I'm afraid! However I would like to remind you all if you'd like to do some building, that you can alway's check out our activities.

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