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Introducing Activity August!

For the entirety of August, we're going to be showcasing and launching a new activity each week that will run until the end of August (August 31st at 11:00AM CEST)!

If you don't know what activity's are, they're small tasks we set each week to build stuff from small Star Wars builds to taking awesome pictures of your minifigures on holiday. Some of the best activity entries are then shared on social media like this below:

These photos posted on the LEGO Instagram page are from a Tensegrity activity we ran a few months ago.

We're also going to run an extended activity called 'Mini LEGO Ideas Builds!' which kicks off right now and you can enter here.

The activity is asking you to make mini or micro versions of your fave LEGO Ideas set. So get building as we're looking forward to seeing the awesome little builds.

Each week in August we will be launching a new activity, so check in each week to take part.

Activity entries can be 'liked' by users too. At the end of the month, we will be sharing the most liked entries from each activity here on the blog and maybe on LEGO Ideas social media too.

We're looking forward to seeing your activity entries throughout this month-long activity showcase!

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