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Winner Announcement - Strike a chord with the Fender Stratocaster!

It's time to announce the winners of our incredible Fender Stratocaster themed contest! A contest, about a product that came from a contest is mind blowing to us here, so thank you all for all the support through this :)

Enough rambling on, let's see the winners!

However to see the full Top 40 you can click here

In reverse order as that's how Radio Hosts usually announce the Top 40/10 of that week:

Please note - Number 11 is also a winner as someone in the top 10 has two entries in the top 10 and you can only win one prize :D

Number 11 - Made of Music by Shihong - 89 Votes


Number 10 - Jimi Hendrix - The Legacy of the Fender Stratocaster by Camperator - 103 Votes


Number 9 - Rock and Metal by Picea - 110 Votes


Number 8 - Dire Straits, on Every Street by Sandesan - 111 Votes


Number 7 - The Wood Fender (Woodpecker Art) by Picea (Again!) - 120 Votes


Number 6 - A Fendery Tale by EvLeFri - 137 Votes


Number 5 - The Beginning by TheTatoAwakens - 144 Votes


Number 4 - A Generational Instrument by Legofin. - 176 Votes


Number 3 - The Greatest Gig on Earth by Nastronauta - 209 Votes


And coming in at number 2 is - Stratocaster Island by brickapal00za - 251 Votes


And then finally, coming in at number one.. is.. Making Waves Through The Ages by _Regn! With 266 Votes!

A huge congratulations to _Regn and all the other winners in this contest. We have absolutely loved running it!

And rememer be sure to see the full Top 40 you can click here.

What's next?

Well we can announce there will be no new contests this year, however we do of course have our lovely Star Wars Brickfilms contest running, which you can check out right here! And the best thing is, it closes in January. So you can spend quite a lot of time on your films. Best of luck!

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