Got an innovation idea you want to share with us – check out the LEGO Innovation Intake Portal

Recently, the LEGO Group launched a new platform under the name LEGO Innovation Intake Portal, which is designed to accept any cool innovation ideas, which are NOT related to a LEGO model (for LEGO model ideas, please keep using LEGO Ideas as usual). 

Each year, the LEGO Group receives a huge volume of ideas from fans that don't fit into the "LEGO Ideas" bucket and we receive all these ideas by email, phone, messages to our Customer Service or sometimes even through personal conversations at fan events or similar. The portal was launched in order to streamline, keep track and evaluate all the different channels through which we historically have received ideas from LEGO fans around the world. 

To access the platform, follow the link below: 

LEGO Innovation Intake Portal

To answer some of the questions you might have about the platform and how to use it, Nicolai and Bogdan, who work with open innovation in the LEGO Lead User Lab (check out this blog post for more information about the LEGO Lead User Lab), try to answer some FAQs in an online video recording – with this format as a result of the Covid-19 situation and working from home ;-) 

You can also read the FAQ below – if anything was left unanswered, drop a question in the comments.  




Short FAQ:  


What’s this platform all about?   
It’s a tool we want to use to capture and structure all the innovation ideas our fans want to share with us. 

We hope some of these ideas can become future LEGO products or experiences.


Why did we launch it?  
Because we wanted to have one dedicated place where fans can go to submit innovation ideas.  

We receive many ideas and proposals from so many fans, and they do it in many different ways: by emails, by phone, by messages to our Consumer Services. This will help us streamline everything into one place. 


Is this replacing LEGO Ideas?  
No, not at all – this is not replacing LEGO Ideas. The Innovation Intake Portal is in fact a very different thing – here we expect fans to submit innovation ideas that are NOT specific LEGO models. If you have ideas for LEGO models, then LEGO Ideas is your place to go. 


What ideas is the platform made for? 
Pretty much anything other than a LEGO set (again - for LEGO models, please stick to LEGO Ideas).  

It could be a new physical or digital experience, a completely new way to play, a new platform or channel of engagement. Maybe you’ve already built this idea and launched it, or maybe it’s just an idea in your head – if you think it could become a cool LEGO product or experience, send it over and we’ll evaluate it.  


What ideas did you receive so far? 
We received quite a lot of cool ones and we’re working to figure out how we can develop some of these. Some high-level examples of submissions are ideas for mobile games, new digital experiences, board-games, events, even some cool in-store experience ideas, so that’s really cool. If you have anything you want to share, then go ahead and we’ll be in touch. 


What’s in it for me? Why should I give you my idea?  
The main reason is that maybe your idea could become the next cool new LEGO product or experience. If you have something you want to share, then we’d love to have a look. And depending on what the idea’s potential is, there could be a partnership and collaboration agreement and also monetary compensation.


What happens after I send you the idea? 
Once you submit your idea on the platform, we get notified and then my colleagues and I will have a look. If it’s something we believe has potential, then we’ll get in touch to have a discussion and agree next steps. We’ll aim to answer you within 4 weeks after your submission. Unfortunately, but naturally, there is also bound to be plenty of ideas that we don't see potential in. You will receive an email informing you of this.


Are there any legal guidelines I have to be aware of? 
Yes, when you submit an idea, there’s a legal disclaimer that you have to read and agree to. High level, the disclaimer explains in simple language what you should and should not expect from the process. For example, that a submission cannot automatically guarantee an acceptance of your idea…or that the novelty of your idea could be relative and not 100% new – that’s in case we’re already working on something very similar, but can’t disclose it to you because of confidentiality.   


How can I trust you won’t just steal my idea?  
That’s a very fair concern, and since we’re a large company working on many things, we can’t guarantee that somebody inside isn’t already working on something that might be similar your idea. But in any case, we highly value and respect intellectual property (IP) and the originality of ideas, so we hope the portal will help us find the cool things that can become future LEGO products or experiences. 

Another advice is to mention in the submission process about any documentation you have to support the novelty of your idea. Be sure to mention if you have a prototype, a patent, or other material documenting it. 


Anything left unanswered? Drop a question in the comments. 

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