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An update about your LEGO® Ideas account username

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We’re making some changes to the LEGO® Account system that’ll make things a little bit easier for you and other LEGO Ideas members. The change consists of a universal LEGO nickname.

We’ll ask you to complete a quick setup step on your LEGO Account, and then you’ll be able to use your LEGO Ideas nickname in all online LEGO experiences! That means you’ll only have to keep track of one nickname, and it’ll be much easier for others to follow you and enjoy your LEGO content.  

We also want to let you know that the new setup might not be able to approve all nicknames.   

For trademark and copyright reasons, nicknames can’t contain words like “LEGO” or “LEGO Ideas”. We appreciate that our fans on LEGO Ideas put a lot of thought and effort into their creations, and we understand that changing your nickname isn’t necessarily something you’d like to do. It’s all part of our work to give our fan communities the best possible ways to connect with the LEGO brand and each other, and we hope you’ll feel the benefits of this going ahead.  

If you find your nickname is rejected for this reason, we encourage you to instead use other words related to the LEGO brand like “brick” or “build” to be creative in your nickname. See what fun and personal combinations you can make!

Anyway, here’s what you need to do:  

  • Follow this link to log in to your LEGO Account
  • Click the Edit icon next to your avatar
  • Choose your preferred nickname in the field
  • Click Submit and wait a few seconds for your nickname to be approved
  • That’s it! You’re all set!  

The change won’t affect how your profile appears to others on LEGO Ideas. All your creations will remain right where you left them, and your login info won’t change, either.   

The deadline to select your preferred nickname is the 16th of January 2023. You will be automatically assigned a nickname after this date should you not make a selection in time. 


You can review the full guidelines for nicknames below: 

  • A nickname can be created in a language available within a LEGO experience, e.g. or LEGO Life
  • A nickname must be between 4-25 characters in length
  • A nickname can contain both upper and lower case letters
  • A nickname can be a mix of characters and numbers
  • A nickname can include a maximum of 4 numbers
  • A nickname can only include the following special signs: ‘.’ and/or ‘-‘and/or ‘_’
  • A nickname can include spaces, but not two or more consecutive spaces
  • A nickname cannot contain the LEGO word including any variations making it look like the name indicates an individual representing the LEGO Group
  • A nickname cannot contain a LEGO franchise that is a trademark owned by the LEGO Group
  • A nickname cannot contain a name from another IP not owned by the LEGO Group
  • A nickname cannot contain an email reference
  • A nickname cannot contain references to other social platforms
  • A nickname must adhere to the standard LEGO moderation guidelines including but not limited to political or religious topics, drugs and alcohol, weapon references, hate speech, profanities, violence, or abusive language 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the LEGO® Account nickname? 

It’s the nickname used to represent you across LEGO experiences. Up until now, the LEGO Account randomly generated nicknames for all account holders e.g. "HappyOrange035". In the future, the LEGO Account nickname will be used across more LEGO digital experiences. 

Why do I have to do this? 

We love our devoted fan communities and want to give them the best possible ways to connect and share their love for LEGO building. One improvement we’re making now is to simplify the way LEGO fans and shoppers can personalize their experience with a LEGO Account. In the past, LEGO fans have had to use separate nicknames for each of our online experiences. Now, you and your followers will only have to remember one nickname because it’ll work in all online LEGO experiences! 

Which words are not allowed in my nickname? 

We don’t allow nicknames that contain upsetting, offensive, or unpleasant words. LEGO play is for everyone, and we believe everyone – kids and adults alike – should feel welcome and safe in all LEGO experiences. If your nickname contains a reference to religion, politics, or cultural topics, you may find that it gets rejected. That’s because we want our experiences to be places where everyone can share their LEGO creations, get inspiration for their next build, or simply connect with other LEGO fans – political, religious, and cultural discussions all have their place elsewhere. Finally, nicknames can’t contain the word “LEGO” or other associated trademarks owned by the LEGO Group.  

Why does my LEGO Ideas nickname have to be moderated? 

We moderate all LEGO nicknames because we want our digital experiences to be safe and enjoyable for LEGO fans of all ages. We’re also dedicated to ensuring that all people, regardless of age, gender, cultural history, race, ethnicity, and religious beliefs feel welcome in LEGO fan communities. Everything we do is motivated by our values: Imagination, Fun, Creativity, Caring, Learning and Quality, and moderation is how we make sure our experiences stay true to these values in the online world.

Why choose to update your nickname? Is it mandatory?

It’s up to you what importance you place on your nickname, but the benefits of doing this might include that you’ll only have to keep track of one nickname, and that could make it easier for others to follow you and enjoy your LEGO content.

If you do not actively update your nickname you will be assigned a default nickname after the 16th of January 2023. After this, you will of course still be able to update your nickname in your LEGO Account profile settings.  

If I change my LEGO Account nickname, will that change my LEGO Ideas "DisplayName"? 

Yes – your LEGO Ideas display name will now be your LEGO Account nickname. 

How do I update my nickname?  

To update your nickname and provide feedback on your experience please follow these simple steps: 

  1. Follow this link to your LEGO Account
  2. Click the Edit icon next to your avatar 
  3. Enter your preferred nickname 
  4. Click Submit and wait a few seconds for your nickname to be approved
  5. That’s it! You’re all set!  


How long will it take for my nickname to be updated on LEGO Ideas?

It should take just a few minutes. However, in some cases, it may take up to 30 minutes to reflect the nickname change here on LEGO Ideas. So check back a little later if it's not updated within a few minutes.


Need help? 

For further help or questions related to LEGO Account nicknames please contact LEGO Customer Service via


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