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AUTHOR UPDATE #6: A Secret Revealed!

I have uncovered more secrets about the brick than I can even remember at this point. The book is quickly filling up to overflowing, which leaves a few secrets I can reveal ahead of time! I recently got to share a couple of exclusive ones with select LEGOⓇ fan media sites so be on the lookout for those, but I also have one to share here. Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the LEGO Group’s third-generation family owner and CEO, grew up on a diet of bricks and sets anyone else could only dream of. Early on, cars emerged as some of his favourite subject matter. He was so prolific that, eventually, one of his models was turned into an official product. For the 1968 range when Kjeld was 21 years old, a small, white vehicle demarcated as set 330 was released. It was one of Kjeld’s designs. To this day, it remains the only LEGO toy that he ever designed. Years later, when one of the LEGO Group’s senior designers learned about this model, he asked permission to create a modern rendition of both it and several other of Kjeld’s cars. That story led to a very funny exchange, but to get that part of the story you will have to read the full book!


^ The modern remake of Kjeld’s vehicle design. It used as many original parts as possible but a few were no longer in production.


The Secret Life of LEGO Bricks will no longer be on sale after midnight BST on 31st May so pre-order your copy now.

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