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Out of This World Space Builds - Winner Announcement

Which of the incredible 15 entries that were part of the fan vote, has been selected as a new Gift With Purchase?! It's time to find out!

Before we get into that, I'd like to take just two seconds (although you've probably scrolled past this by now and seen the winner) to say thank you to everyone who submitted, participated and voted in this contest and keep LEGO Ideas super fun to be a part of :)

Now, the final results of the fan vote and winners are as follows:

1st place and one of the new Gift With Purchase sets now in development - The Adventures of The USS Cardboard by bulldoozer with 2869 Votes


2nd Place - The Classic Space Logo by FSLeinad with 2158 votes


3rd place - URSA MAJOR by john_carter with 1416 votes


4th place - THE Journey OF An ASTRONAUT by Chris221 with 1085 votes


5th place - MARS Research BIO-DOME by ABStract with 1071 votes


6th place - BOB'S Unexpected Space ADVENTURE by BrickHammer with 1035 votes


All of the above winners will recive he runner up prize, with the rest of the entries finishing in the following positions:

7th place - DISCOVERY of A new PLANET by LegoBee with 543 votes

8th place - OBSERVATORY by Dallen Powell with 525

9th place - D.U.C.K. TANK by JuliusBadhead with 505 votes

10th place - LEGO Delivery ROVER by Commander Brick with 432 votes

11th place - ASTRONAUT Action FIGURE by ChaMi with 284 votes

12th place - COMMUTER Capsule DOCKING by BriKKone with 284 votes

13th place - SPACE HELMET by 2116 with 250 votes

14th place - HELLO From THE MOON by 120brick with 122 votes

15th place - ASTRONOMY LAB by jamquolantern with 106 votes


Congratulations to everyone who was part of the fan vote, regardless of where you came it is still a great achivement :D


The only active contest we have right now is a contest where the winners will have their LEGO models displayed in The LEGO House!


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