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LEGO Technic Volvo Construction Machines of the Future Exhibition

Back in 2018 we held the visionary Build the Construction Machines of the Future contest in collaboration with LEGO TECHNIC and Volvo Construction Machines. The contest included the epic Grand Prize of a trip to Sweden to visit Volvo's Customer center in Eskilstuna to test-drive construction machines and visit the Volvo Munktell Museum, while other prizes types included a special exhibition for the top 10 physical builds.


Special Exhibit for the Top 10 Physical Builds

Most recently, the special exhibit was held at the London Transport Museum (moved from the original Volvo Munktell Museum) which featured the top 10 physical builds from the contest. In attendance was Grand Prize winner Vida András who helped ceremoniously open the exhibit. 

“To me, the design is not just about playability, it’s about really exploring the potential for future technologies. In my industry, 3D printing is one of the biggest trends at the moment, so I wanted to incorporate that into my model. I have 20 years’ experience playing with LEGO sets. I’ve loved it forever and have always had this confidence that I could sit down and build for hours and eventually it would all come together in the end” Vida told us when discussing his winning submission.

Arvid Rinaldo, (Brand Communication & Partnerships) at Volvo CE, said: “We were overwhelmed with just how far people went with their creations. The best-in-show were picked because they prove that the boundaries of our future construction machines are seemingly limitless. Some of these designs look like they have come straight out of a sci-fi movie. We are at an exciting point in time for the industry and these models are actually not too far removed from what could be coming to our construction sites of the future.”

On CNET you can watch an interview featuring Grand Prize Winner Vida András, Runner Up James Cox as well as Arvid Rinaldo from Volvo CE, who speak more to the models. Check out the interview here.

“We’ve all enjoyed the imaginative play of LEGO bricks and I am sure our visitors will be thrilled to see these fantastic, futuristic creations. As well as offering a great day out, one of the key things we do at London Transport Museum is to turn childhood enthusiasm into a career in engineering. These driverless diggers will certainly inspire young minds. And budding young inventors should also pop into our Future Engineers gallery after exploring the new FutuRE:BUILD exhibition", Sam Mullins, Director for London Transport Museum, explained.



Grand Prize Winner Vida András' Trip to Eskilstuna

Photos from Eskilstuna by Markus Crepin Sundström.

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