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A Galaxy of Celebrations - Intake Closed

Your brickfilms about May 4th, Father’s Day, Summer Holidays/Back to School and the Holiday season have been incredible! However you've had a long time to work on your films. It's about time we select some of the best for the first Fan Vote!

So now, a panel of judges consisting of members of the LEGO Star Wars™ team, will choose 5 entries in each category to be part of the first Fan Vote based on:

  • Overall coolness and originality: 25%
  • Most inspired details: 25%
  • Relevance to contest theme: 25%
  • Best use of LEGO elements: 25%

Users will then judge the fan vote made up of 20 entries and 4 winners will be selected. And this Fan Vote is due to kick off on the 27th of January!

So stay tuned to see what entries have been selected :) (And you can always check out all the submissions on the contest page here). Not to mention, which entries are in contention for a second Fan Vote! The 4 winners of the first Fan Vote move into a second Fan Vote that will run from February 10th, 2022 to February 17th, 2022 to decide the final winner of the ultimate prize.

What's Next?

Well, we currently don't have any active contests, but we are working on getting a few going soon! It shouldn't be too long. But in the meantime, you can always take a look at our Activities right here.

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