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New Backgrounds for Video Calls

During the Summer, we challenged the LEGO Ideas community to come up with wonderfully fun and creative backgrounds that everyone could use to make video calls a lot more enjoyable. And boy did you all deliver!

Fast forward a few months and we've hosted yet another Activity where you've created video call backgrounds. This time around it was all themed around Halloween and some fantastically spooky images came out of it that we're happy to share with you all. We've added 13 backgrounds in time for your Halloween calls! However, you can check out all the cool entries to the "Spooky Backgrounds" Activity here.

We've also updated the library of images from the original video call background activity with a few more creative images. Remember the original Activity is still open, so you can keep submitting fun backgrounds all the time.

These backgrounds are optimised for Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 


Themes For New Backgrounds

If you've got great ideas for themed video call backgrounds that you'd like to see a future Activity be based upon, then let us know in the comments. 

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