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Puzzle Review Design Winner Revealed! - You're the final piece contest

We're very excited to reveal the decision made by the Puzzle Review Board, and the very first LEGO Ideas Puzzle!

That's right, we are finally ready to share some good news with you. As you may have guessed by the way this blog post is going, a design WAS chosen! 

The team have been hard at work trying to bring this puzzle to life and we're looking forward to you all building it.

But what WAS the design chosen?!

Well we can now officially reveal the design chosen was...


Receiving 1402 votes in the fan vote, it was clear to see which design was the most popular! Our Puzzle Review Board are also big fans of this design too!

Please help me to congratulate @HappiestCrazyPeanut in the comments down below :)

This is so exciting! When can I buy this?!

Now hold your intergalactic horses there, unfortunately the puzzle isn't available to purchase just yet. But the good news is that we will keep you updated as to when and where you will be able to buy the puzzle as soon as we can share that info.

But even more good news, is that the release window for this puzzle will be May 2022!

I'm sure I can wait, but what will the packaging look like?

Below this text is an early look as to how the packaging will look, but it is of course not final. So please bear that in mind!

How much will this cost?

This is something that we will be able to reveal at a later date.

I want to know more!

If you have any questions about this puzzle, please drop them down in the comments down below and I will do my best to answer any of them that I can.

We don't have too much more to share right now, but you can always learn more about the LEGO by Chronicle Books line:

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