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Fan Vote - The Final Vote: Help Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The LEGO Group is open!

Round one is over, it's time for round two!

First off, with over 77,000 people participating in this fan vote, we have been absolutely blown away by the incredible interest and support. So thank you to everyone who made their voices heard in this fan vote. We have seen every single one of your votes and comments both on LEGO Ideas and off, it's mind-blowing how excited you all are. And we are too!

Enough of that. We've said thank you to you all, but you want to know what the top three will be!

The top three voted themes were:

  1. Bionicle
  2. Classic Space
  3. Pirates

With a monumental amount of support, you can see the full numbers for each theme below:

  1. Bionicle - 24799
  2. Classic Space - 18171
  3. Pirates - 15884
  4. Trains - 14855
  5. Adventurers - 13988
  6. Classic Castle -12603
  7. Forestmen - 8056
  8. Lion Knights - 7117
  9. Imperials - 7012
  10. Town - 6610
  11. Black Knights - 6427
  12. Model Team - 6397
  13. Dragon Knights - 6334
  14. Space Police - 5738
  15. Rock Raiders - 5298
  16. Studios - 5179
  17. Blacktron - 5088
  18. Ice Planet - 4503
  19. Black Falcons - 4244
  20. Aquazone - 4051
  21. M-Tron - 3555
  22. Alpha Team - 2807
  23. Paradisa - 2584
  24. Time Cruisers - 2234
  25. Wolfpack - 2111
  26. Exploriens - 1695
  27. Arctic - 1620
  28. Divers - 1424

However, we've seen an absolutely huge amount of support for Castle and each of the subthemes of Castle. We believe that we have made a mistake in not having all the Castle themes as just the one option to vote on in the first round. Even if you combine 'Classic Castle' and 'Forestmen' and not all of the other Castle subthemes, it pushes the number of votes up and Castle would be in the top three. This is what the results would look like if we consolidated the sub-themes of Castle:

  • If we add up every user that cast either 1, 2, or 3 votes for Castle, that’s 33489 users (more than double the necessary votes to make the top three).
  • If we add up all of the non-fantasy castle themes, excluding Classic Castle (Lion Knights, Black Falcons, Black Knights, Forestmen, and Wolfpack) there are 20821 users who cast a vote for at least one of these themes
  • If we add up Forestmen, Lion Knights, and Black Nights, (the three themes to succeed the Classic Yellow Castle) there are 16030 users who cast a vote, again enough to take the 3rd place position from Pirates.

We realize and take full responsibility, that we made the mistake of splitting the Castle vote. So we are going to have our second vote, increase from three options to four to include Castle. As to not push out Pirates.

This will mean that the second fan vote will kick off with the following options:

  1. Bionicle
  2. Classic Space
  3. Pirates
  4. Castle

We feel as though this is one of the best ways not only to honor the winners of this fan vote, but also to let the voices of 33489 people who voted for Castle or a subtheme be heard.

If we consolidated any other subthemes together, for example 'Classic Space' and 'Space Police' or any other subtheme, it wouldn't change the top three, and the winners. The only exception is Castle!

We hope you understand why we're changing the rules slightly, and that you're excited to cast your final vote to help us decide which themed set to launch in 2022!

If you have any questions, or concerns please drop them down in the comments down below.

If you're just looking to cast your vote, then click here to visit the vote page

The second vote will close on February 10th at 11AM CEST 2021. Please make sure you get your vote in by then! Oh and be sure to let us know why you're voting for what you're voting for on the voting page.

Best of luck to whatever theme you pick!

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