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Do you want to go to the seaside contest - Winner Announcement

And the next Gift with Purchase Fan designer is.. *Drumroll*.. Revealed in this blog post! Yup, it's time to announce the results of the recent fan vote. Thank you to everyone who took part in this contest in any way. As always Gift with Purchase contests are always super exciting!

Let's stop messing around and go through the results and the winners!:

Grand Prize Winner - RAY THE CASTAWAY by DadiTwins - 969 Votes

Runner up - MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by JuBex - 524 Votes


Runner Up - THE BEACH SHOP by BrickOp - 502 Votes


Runner Up - CUSTOMIZE-A-CRAB! by Firecracker_ - 388 Votes

Runner Up - SEASIDE MEMORIES by Bricked1980 - 297 Votes

Runner Up - LEGO BEACH Hut PHOTO HOLDER by ABeautifulPineapple - 256 Votes

Congratulations to all of the winners! But we should also celebrate those who made it to the fan vote too! An incredible achievement. The rest of the fan vote played out like so:

SLUSH Mobile KIOSK by The new born  - 145 Votes

SURF PIER by DouglasRoss - 127 Votes

THE ULTIMATE Sandcastle by Water Snap - 113 Votes

FAR NORTH FISHING by lincrediblego - 105 Votes

FAMILY AND FRIENDS By Hob72 - 101 Votes

THE QUEST for SHARK TEETH on THE BEACH - A SEASIDE Fossil ADVENTURE By Ganpat the Celt - 92 Votes

DOWN BY THE DOCKS by Andrew did a thing - 74 Votes

LIFEGUARD SHACK by Phil_DeLaGhetto - 32 votes

SALLY'S Seaside SEASHELL SHOP By losslessnesses - 28 votes

Thanks again to everyone who took part in this contest, we hope you're happy with the winner and you're looking forward to seeing it come to life!


If you're feeling creative, you could try your hand at creating a comic book cover of your friendly neighborhood comic book hero!

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