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Design The Dungeons & Dragons Building Instructions Cover! - Winner Announcement

We're finally ready to announce the winner of this challenge, the artist who will have their art featured on the building instructions for Dragon's Keep: Journey's End by @BoltBuilds! Thank you once again for all your submissions too.

A huge congratulations to...

chainsaw yu 電鋸鋸鋸鋸 and their Epic Battle Relief Painting!

Please be sure to congratulate the winner in the comments down below!


Some key information

So there are a few questions you probably have, and some key bits of information that we need to ensure is made clear! So let's get into it.

We are still unable to announce any sort of release date for this set, so please be patient. We know you're super excited!

This art may have small changes made to it and is not final. The artwork will obviously look very similar! But due to various reasons, this artwork may be subject to change.

Lastly, we apologize for the delay in the announcement, we promised that we would announce it by August! Not the biggest delay, but still. Apologies!


Please do remember to congratulate the winner @chainsaw yu 電鋸鋸鋸鋸 in the comments down below!


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